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How to make a deposit to your Global FT Market trading account?

We accept all the most popular payment methods

Typically, you will just need to open a new account and verify it within few steps. after verification, deposit the amount of money you choose in your country’s currency.You can find all available deposit means here. To make a deposit, please log in to your Personal Area, switch to the account you would like to deposit and select the payment system you would like to deposit .Then enter the amount you want to deposit and click "Continue".

When will the deposited funds be credited to your trading account?

After receiving your fund, your requests are processed instantly. You can fund your trading account within few minutes of our Financial Department. If you need any help in deposit, don,t hesitate to contact our support team. We are dedicated to support you 24/7.You will receive a notification email as soon as your request is processed.

What is the exchange rate for USD to your country currency when depositing?

Your trading account deposite will be converted from your country currency to USD as per FX rate daily. we will convert the money from your own currency into USD that may include the charge of 2% ( Conversion fee). We don't charge any other commission, and cover deposit fees.

Did your funds are safe?

In accordance with international regulation standards, Global FT Market uses separate accounts to keep customers' funds segregated from the company's balance sheets. This keeps your funds secure and untouched.

What is the maximum amount for deposits?

Global FT Market does not limit the amount you can deposit into your account. The deposit amount is unlimited.

Can you deposit several times a day?

Global FT Market does not limit the number of deposits requests per day. However, it is advised to deposit all of the funds in one request to avoid unnecessary delays in processing.

Is internal transfer instant?

Internal transfers are processed Instantly. But we do this manual processing by the Financial Department for security reasons. In that case your request will be processed within 1 hours in during the office hours of our Financial Department.

Do you change any fees for internal transfers?

No fees apply on internal transfers.